Roller tracks

Very good running characteristics
long lifecycle
The roller tracks are available in lengths between 700 mm and 5000 mm.
The wheels move in a torsion-resistant, stable profile made of galvanised sheet steel. Steel axles with a diameter of 3 mm, on which the rollers are mounted, provide additional stability and a permanently good running/roller behaviour.
The roller tracks have a load capacity of up to 25 kg, the dynamic load capacity of the individual rollers is 10 kg. The load capacity of the roller tracks can be increased to a maximum of 30 kg by attaching spread clamps on the loading side.
For the rollers with a diameter of 28 mm, we use a particularly high-quality plastic that ensures that you can use them in a temperature range between -30 °C and +100 °C.

  • On request, the roller tracks are available in a highly sliding design, the wheels themselves are available in the colours yellow, orange, red, white and black.

The roller tracks with a wheel flange keep cardboard boxes in the right track – minimum roller pitch of 50mm.

A spring steel brake plate for four wheels in 33 pitch slows down your goods and prevents them from restarting.

It can be easily removed to another point of the roller track.

The installation of a mini brake, which is designed for cartons weighing between 2 kg and 50 kg, makes sense if your channels are particularly deep or steep, your goods have different weights or your system is loaded automatically. The mini brake controls the speed at which the goods glide through the channel. An adapter integrates them directly into the wheel bar. They are available in light, light with grip, heavy, heavy with grip and with a diameter of 32.5 mm.

You need a push-back blocker to prevent the goods from running back, for example, for the automatic loading of your carton flow system.

The Mini roller track, in which the spaces between the rollers are reduced to a minimum of 16 mm, transports even the smallest cartons safely through the channel.

A mini wheel flange (roller pitch: 33 mm) keeps small cartons on course.

The spring clip fastens roller tracks to the cross members.They make long continuous flow racks more stable and guarantee goods transportation even in deep channels.

The Superfix roller track is particularly robust and stable due to its profile thickness of 1.5 mm and the steel axles with a diameter of 5 mm (instead of 3 mm). It can carry containers of up to 80 kg.