Smart gravity engineering

Quality and safety in dynamic storage technology since 1982
All departments at euroroll – from development to production to quality assurance – are under one roof and the flow of information and ideas between them is continuous. This ensures we minimize risks and produce the best possible product from design through to production. As a result, we have accumulated years of know-how and experience in developing and producing dynamic bearing technology.

In addition, our determination to always improve and offer more, guarantees that our customers receive a tested system that is state-of-the-art. It goes without saying that our products meet all the necessary safety requirements. Euroroll has been ISO certified since 2007 and is audited at regular intervals. This benefits you, our customers.

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Our products

pallet flow system

Pallet Flow

Variable, practical, proven
Dynamic storage technology from euroroll adapts to different pallet types and operating devices – to the satisfaction of numerous companies.

carton flow racking

Carton Flow

Ergonomic and flexible
Conveyor systems for cardboard boxes and containers can be quickly and easily adjusted when the range of goods changes and are tailored to the needs of workers.

Push-Back Cart System

LIFO with cross transport
Efficient handling, optimized safety and zero energy consumption. The Euroroll Cart Push-Back systems for storing up to 6 pallets deep.

Hanger Style

For Boxes and Cartons
Our WheelFlow, TrackFlow and RollerFlow solutions can be easily mounted on the beams in your racking system.

brake flow rollers

Brakes, roller tracks and -rails

Wide range for all purposes
At euroroll, you will find the right system components and accessories for all warehouse and order picking applications.

euroroll conveyor rollers


Wide range for all purposes
At euroroll you will find the right conveyor rollers for all applications in the warehouse and in order picking. We will be happy to advise you on your selection.

Case Studies

Branches from A to Z
Every industry has its own requirements. It’s a good thing that we are at home (almost) everywhere in the industry. Thanks to strategic partners and a wealth of experience, we know what counts in the automotive, retail, consumer goods, logistics and pharmaceutical sectors.


A special solution was developed for industrial automobile containers and steel frames, which includes a side profile with integrated side guide.


With the staggered arrangement of the wheel rails, crates with different irregular honeycomb structures can be reliably transported to the picking station.

Consumer Goods

At euroroll, you will find the right system components and accessories for all applications in the consumer goods warehouse. We will be happy to advise you.

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For applications in warehousing and logistics, you will find the right system components and accessories at euroroll. We offer tailor-made solutions to suit the needs of your operation.


For this company in the pharmaceutical industry, the advantages of two systems are used. The combination of gravity roller conveyors on the floor and radio shuttles on the higher levels, helps to achieve optimal order picking.

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Gravity Chutes for Automotive Industry

Reference project: Our gravity chutes for an automotive industry client to optimize their logistics center. The conveyors are 8,500mm long and 730mm wide, featuring plastic rollers and brake rollers for quiet and controlled package flow. Additionally, a foot-operated separator ensures pressure-free retrieval on the picking side.

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Career at euroroll

flow rail track

Come work with us
Working at euroroll means helping to shape the products and services of a dynamic, growing company. It means putting the safety and satisfaction of our customers first. We employ people who think independently, pay attention to the smallest details and always act in the best interests of our customers.

We always welcome applications from people who share our values and are ready to grow with us in a demanding international market.