Brakes, roller tracks and -rails

Here you will find numerous components with which your new or existing pallet or picking flow system can be adapted to your goods, your operating devices and the needs of your employees. So that your company also benefits from our principle of Smart gravity engineering.

Euroroll’s standard pallet and flow-picking system component designs are suitable for many purposes, but in some cases, for example, more robust components are required – for example, when heavy goods are to be transported. For other warehouses, on the other hand, a more cost-effective variant may be suitable. For all these cases, we offer you variants that are precisely tailored to your warehouse and your needs. Of course, we always keep an eye on the costs.


✓ Can be adapted to new or existing pallet or picking flow system.

✓ Can be adapted to your goods, your operating devices and the needs of your employees.

✓ We offer you robust components for heavy goods and more cost-effective variants for light goods.




Rubber coating and knurling for increased grip. For example, for steel automotive containers, plastic hygiene pallets or stillages. The standard is sufficient for most pallet types and goods.

Tandem brake

The Euroroll Tandem Brake naturally features the same quality, design and guarantee standards as the other Euroroll products and solutions. The tandem brake consists of the Euroroll EBR brake and two soft castors made of plastic. The EBR and the soft castors are connected by a metal plate. This is inserted into the profile of the gravity channel. The EBR regulates the speed of the soft rollers, which is transferred from there to the load.

Roller tracks


Autofix roller slats are our economical variant of roller rails for flow systems for order picking. They are used when you need larger quantities of roller strips. Minimum order quantity 250 pieces per length.


The heart of the system: robust, low-wear rollers. Each wheel has a load capacity of 10 kg. Euroroll wheel tracks transport your goods safely and in a controlled manner from the point of departure to the final destination, in flow racks, on packaging and picking tables, as a wheel track or roller carpet that connects two work stations. Of course, you can get the N-line roller tracks in the lengths you need. The maximum length per wheel track is 6500 mm, but several wheel tracks can be linked if required.


The Superfix guide rail is particularly robust and stable due to its profile thickness of 1.5 mm and the steel axles with a diameter of 5 mm (instead of 3 mm). It can carry containers weighing up to 80 kg.

Guide rail AFÜ

Guide rails are made of galvanised steel and reliably keep the goods on track from loading to unloading. The guide rail (AFÜ) can be supplied up to a maximum length of 6500 mm. In addition, production with a recess (A) of up to 70 mm is possible. To protect the staff from any sharp edges as well as to protect the guide rail from dirt, plugs (AST) should be used on both sides.

Wheel rails

Multi-Directional Wheels

Multi Directional wheels are used wherever flat packs, load carriers, packages, cartons or workpieces are to be turned, sorted, redirected, fed or commissioned. The following versions are available: Diameter 50, 60 and 80 mm.

Universal Rollertracks

Universal roller tracks are used in all areas of conveyor and storage technology. The design of the roller tracks makes it possible to mount commercially available D=48mm rollers with special screws, hollow rivets or M8 screws in a grid of 50mm, 75mm, 100mm etc.

Groovy Pallet Roller Tracks

The Groovy pallet roller rail is used wherever the EUROROLL pallet roller track should be too narrow due to its roller length of 66 mm and a wider running surface is required. 800 mm and 1000 mm wide pallets can be conveyed. The rail is made of a U-profile and is sendzimier galvanized. Load capacity: 200 kg/ roll, Carrying roller tube Ø 60 x 2 mm.

Pallet Roller Tracks

For 2 to 3-part roller conveyors. An alternative, if full width rollers cannot be used or the smaller Euroroll variants have a roller length that is too narrow. The roller tracks can also be used in flow racks thanks to the integration of brake conveyor rollers, separating devices and other components.

Pallet Roller

For pallets in longitudinal and transverse transport. With Euroroll pallet roller tracks, pallets can be transported either transversely or along the runner direction. The pallet roller track is one of the most economical solutions for pallet transport. Main applications are flow storage. However, a stand-alone version as a shifting or gravity solution is also possible.



On request, you can get the roller tracks in a ESD version, the rollers themselves are available in the colours yellow, orange, red, white and black.