Our responsibility

Our business activities have an economic and ecological impact – worldwide. We are aware of this and deal intensively with the issue of sustainability in the sense of responsible use of existing resources. For this reason, we produce our gravity roller conveyors and idlers exclusively in a resource-saving and sustainable manner from high-quality and certified steel with a high level of durability and quality. Our systems work purely with gravity and without further automation. This sustainably conserves resources and energy consumption for environmentally conscious action – for the benefit of all.


Sustainability at Euroroll

✓ Sustainable system solutions without external energy resource

✓ Produced from sustainable and certified steel

✓ Sustainable and reduced packaging

✓ No transport in our warehouses and transport exclusively by electric forklift truck

✓ Sustainable procurement and 100% recyclable

✓ High economic, ecological and social standards

✓ Certified environmental management

✓ New building 2020 according to the latest energy standards and use of heat pump, photovoltaic systems and electric charging stations in the parking lot for our employees and customers

0% Energy

Our gravity roller conveyors and carton flow systems consume no energy. Costs for transporting goods from the output to the picking area are eliminated – gravity does it for you and you save money.

100% surface

With carton flow picking systems, there are no aisles between shelves. The goods are loaded on one side and picked on the other. It moves from the infeed to the picking station in a controlled manner with the help of gravity. This saves you up to 30% storage space.

100% recyclable

The steel we use is one of the most sustainable materials due to its long service life. In addition, it can be 100% recycled at the end of its service life.

As an internationally operating, medium-sized company, euroroll has the ambition to reconcile innovative and sustainable system solutions with long-term economic success as well as ecological and social responsibility.

Certifications and quality standards

Quality, environment and safety play a central role at Euroroll. We have been ISO certified for our environmental management, quality management and our management system for health and safety and are regularly audited.